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a light pour

A Light Pour is comprised of one hundred thirty optical fibres hung from a single illuminated cloud enclosed in a barge floating on the Yarra River. A cascade of light is created by crimping the fibre. A rain storm of light floats indoors and the river.

The order of sky, water and the land is shifted in the juxtaposition of technology, craft, and nature. These hydroluminescent installations take us away from the everyday world; offering us a different perspective on the small things in our lives and make us smile. Fish become more than zodiacs in the sky – they swim in it – while rain clouds come indoors to deliver raindrops of light.


installation on the Yarra River at Birrarung Marr, Melbourne for Melbourne Design Festival 2007

"Liquid Light: Three Projects by little wonder, Melbourne." On Site Review. Architecture + Weather. (Issue 21. 2009):39-41


photo: Gary Annett